But what was it? Moving AOA’s Preface back to its rightful place or tweaking the price back down to below £1?

Whichever piece of the strategy it was, normal service has been resumed. Sales are back up and ticking along at their usual rate. Preface has been enhanced a little to bring it in line with the research I did and made available through the Flickr photoset available on this blog (see The Good Stuff).

I have joined up with BookViral and await results. They have, of course, been swamped with self pubbies like me asking for free promotion and/or critique. Could be a while for anything to come from it. I am going to try and leave AOA to do its own thing now and plot out SAGDEG as I am starting to have my head fill with lots of crazy ideas which is just what I need for a sci-fi comedy.

So join me on that journey in the coming couple of weeks…. It’s going to be a bumpy ride…

Happy writings all.



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